Quality Management

Since 1969, Gowna Construction has made it a priority to provide quality construction services. Today, our business continues to focus on delivering first-rate general contractor and construction management services while maintaining the highest safety and quality standards in the business.

At Gowna Construction we are always proactive on improving our quality. This extends to every individual within the company as well as subcontractors. Our work is based on the simple principle of getting it right the first time. In order to achieve this, a considerable amount of effort is involved in the preplanning and quality monitoring process.

Gowna Construction’s objective is to lead the way in setting standards, through working with design teams to collaborate on innovative and sustainable design, continuously improving and increasing standards, complying with and encouraging a culture of excellence in quality procedures and measures through our staff and ultimately focusing on customer satisfaction through reduced cost with exceptional quality.


Statement of Environmental Health and Safety Policy

Gowna Construction Ltd is committed to initiate health and safety policy in line with the SHWW Act 2005 and to monitor its effectiveness. Our goal is to have zero workplace incidents; however, success will only be secured by the co-operation of everyone who works for the Company.

It needs the support of management and employees alike if we are to achieve, in practice, the goals which we have set out in this safety statement. Employees are legally obliged to co-operate with us in the implementation of safety policy.


We shall manage safety on an ongoing basis as part of daily activities and duties conducted at work by all associated with our activities in accordance with the applicable Regulations and codes of practice and in particular the SHWW Act 2005, the General Application Regulations 2007, and the SHWW Construction Regulations 2006 and indeed any Codes of Practice relevant to our activities.

Our corporate policy of responsibility in protecting health and the environment is based on the following principles:


Protection of health and the environment, the flora and fauna is an important consideration in business decisions. Consideration of potential health and environmental effects-as well as present and future regulatory requirements-is an early, integral part of the planning process. Company products, services, processes and facilities are planned and operated to incorporate objectives and targets that are periodically reviewed as to minimize, to the extent practical, the creation of waste, pollution, and any adverse impact on health and the environment.


Protection of health & the environments is a corporate responsibility. Management are expected to accept this responsibility as an important priority and to commit the necessary resources. Employees at all levels are expected to carry out this responsibility within the context of their particular assignments and to cooperate in company efforts.  It is our intention to review and enhance our corporate responsibilities and safety policy in the light of experience, legislative changes and developments within our company.

Welcome To Our Company

Gowna Construction Ltd is a privately owned company with over 40 years experience in the construction industry. The company is family owned for two generations.

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